Pulse by Julian Barnes Pulse by Julian Barnes Pulse by Julian Barnes

Julian Barnes returns with fourteen stories about longing and loss, friendship and love, whose mysterious natures he examines with his trademark wit and observant eye.

From an imperial capital in the eighteenth century to Garibaldi's adventures in the nineteenth, from the vineyards of Italy to the English seaside in our time, he finds the "stages, transitions, arguments" that define us. A newly divorced real estate agent can't resist invading his reticent's girlfriend's privacy, but the information he finds reveals only his callously shallow curiosity. A couple come together through an illicit cigarette and a song shared over the din of a Chinese restaurant. A widower revisiting the Scottish island he'd treasured with his wife learns how difficult it is to purge oneself of grief. And throughout, friends gather regularly at dinner parties and perfect the art of cerebral, sometimes bawdy banter about the world passing before them.

Whether domestic or extraordinary, each story pulses with the resonance, spark, and poignant humor for which Barnes is justly heralded.

"All the stories in Pulse have the absolute completeness and density of the very best short fiction." -Kate Saunders, New Statesman

"[An] emotionally sombre, intellectually keen and sensuously celebratory book." -Peter Kemp, The Sunday Times

"Barnes's precise, acerbic novels and stories are a million miles from the state-of-the-nation stuff that tends to dominate modern writing about "Britishness": but in the fictional works about the psychology of these isles, they're very near the top." -Tim Martin, The Telegraph

"This perfectly weighted collection feels like a companion volume to his erudite and profound meditation on death, Nothing to be Frightened of." -Tim Adams, The Observer



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English Editions

Pulse. London: Jonathan Cape, 2011.

Pulse. London: Jonathan Cape, 2011 [Signed edition in slipcase, limited to 500 copies].

Pulse. Sofia: Obsidian Press, 2011. Pp. 272. ISBN: 9789547692565
[Published on the author's birthday]

Pulse. Random House Canada, 2011.

Pulse. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2011.

Audio Editions

Pulse. AudioGO, 2011: Read by David Rintoul - UK & US
[Unabridged, 6 hours, 55 minutes]

Translated Editions

Bulgarian - Pulse. Sofia: Obsidian Press, 2011. Pp. 272. ISBN: 9789547692565 [Published on the author's birthday].

Catalan - Pulsacions. Barcelona: Angle Editorial, 2011. Pp. 272. Translated by Alexandre Gombau Arnau. ISBN: 978-84-15002-80-2

Dutch - Polsslag. Amsterdam/Antwerpen: Uitgeverij Atlas, 2011. Pp. 240. ISBN: 9789045018607.

French - Pulsations. Collection Bibliothéque étrangère, Mercure de France, 2011. Pp. 288. Translated by Jean-Pierre Aoustin. ISBN: 9782715231542.

German - Unbefugtes Betreten. Köln: Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2012. Pp. 304. Translated by Gertraude Krueger. ISBN: 9783462044805.

Romanian - Puls (Pulse). Bucuresti: Nemira, 2011. Pp. 288. ISBN: 9786065792265.

Spanish - Pulso (Pulse). Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2011. Pp. 264. Translated by Mauricio Bach. ISBN: 9788433975799.


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Spanish Translation

11/04/2011 - Metáforas de la vida - Leticia Moneta, Reseñas BOCADESAPO ISSN: 1852-9909